Log Chain

The Log Chain is a must have for every farm and ranch. Disover why and all about a log chain on this website...

Log Chain is most used Farm Tool

Log Chain is one of the most used tools on any farm or ranch. I’m not even sure if that is really the correct name or if it should be a Tow Chain. Either way it is used for the same purposes around the farm.  I have never been on a farm that did not have at least one log chain at the ready just in case.

Over the years we have discovered that when you need to purchase a new log chain one of the best places is online from or through Amazon. That way you can have it shipped to your doorstep and save all the expense of high priced fuel you would have to burn by going into town and shopping around for a new log chain.

Log Chain Pictured to left is a typical log chain with a grab hook on one end and a slip hook on the other end. This chain is also coated.

I grew up on a farm and been around farming all my life and I am still amazed when I get to go to a farm auction and discover that the log chains are always one of the most sought after items in the auction. As a result they sell for a much higher percentage of their original cost than the other items.

Log Chain Needs no Definition but…

Generally the definition of chain is a flexible length of links or rings joined together. The links are usually made from metal bent into loops, with the ends of each link joined together inside the loop of the next link. Add a clevis hook on each end and you now have a Log Chain.

The size and strength of a log chain is measured by the thickness of its links. A 3/8 chain has links made from a metal rod 3/8 inches in diameter. Iron, steel or brass is the favorite materials for log chains.

The types of chains are defined by the kind of links they have; roller links, twisted links, straight links, and stud links.

Types of Chain Sm
  • Roller Links are usually used for driving a gear.
  • Twisted links allow the chain to lay flat.
  • Straight links are the most common seen in a regular log chain, also sometimes called commercial.
  • Stud links are by far the strongest, most expensive and least seen around a farm.

One of the more popular Log chains is a high test 3/8′ steel about 15 to 20 foot long with a clevis type slip hook on one end and a clevis type grab hook on the opposite end. These hooks are called clevis hooks because of the way they are attached to the chain. The Clevis Slip Hook is available with or without a latch.

ClevisHook-Slip-WithLatchClose up of a Clevis
Slip Hook with latch
ClevisHook-GrabStyleClose up of a Clevis
Grab Hook

Generally the 3/8 chain will be rated at 6000 to 7000 pounds and most always comes with a disclaimer when bought new that says it is for pulling and tie down only. I guess that means you are not supposed to use it for lifting heavy loads.

Due to lighter weight and ease of use another popular Log Chain is the 5/16′ but it is usually rated about 4000 pounds. They are usually found in longer lengths probably because they are easier to use and cheaper to buy.

You can buy a Log Chain in most all farm related retail stores.